where 2 streets meet

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by: seela
uploaded: 02/09/2010
i am not kept i am free you say you're a survivor well i don't have to be I've got a system, you know and since you're new here, I'll show you I'll tell you how it goes He is not alone, he's with me you see only one but there are 2 of me I've got a shadow a clone we have a language - our own see him running through the headlights while I'm sleeping in the street you are soft like darkness in a breeze you ask me of my troubles and you put me so at ease I think it's your whisper, your frame I feel the arrow take aim And I watch you from the window trying not to notice me So far there's nowhere we have to be come on come on we're strong and we have everything we need I am a hunter, a cat you are an actress, a brat you, me and my shadow where two streets meet    
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where 2 streets meet
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