Reichian Phasing

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by: Darin Wilson
uploaded: 02/22/2011
This was an experiment based on a conversation I had with Derek about using the pattern-based drum machine in Reason. It made me think about using it with non-drum sounds. I then thought about the "phasing" technique used in a lot of Steve Reich's music, and how the drum machine could be used to achieve that. The two marimbas in this track are playing the exact same phrase, but every 4 bars the marimba on the right side shifts the pattern back by a 1/16 note. Eventually, they get back in sync again. I then added bass and drums because, well, why the hell not?  
Tagses: phasing, marimba, blatant rip-off of steve reich (we can link these up later)

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Reichian Phasing
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