heart pancake

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by: Artemis Robison
uploaded: 02/07/2012
save up all my skipped heartbeats for a rainy day just to remember every thrill that came my way pour my heart out on a pancake eat it up tart and sweet wanna run into the arms of every stranger that i meet is this the party at the end of the universe or a dawning age i don't mind i flow with it times changing geo-rearranging peep inside a moment find another world tongue on my finger fuzzy footsteps prancing with gentle nuzzle out of bed i twirl coffee's on i run into another day as you run into night though the sky tumble down still i overflow with delight lift a blind peek out a window to see the world roll by sleep deprived and smiling at the simple sound of a sigh with just a tickle mind begins to wiggle free spring's singing birds springing do you see what's happening throw me down on my pillow when night closes in dream in darkness for awhile til sun begins to smile again how high do we go in mind's eye til love rains down i don't mind i flow with it  
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heart pancake
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