eye to eye

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by: Artemis Robison
uploaded: 02/09/2012
was *super* excited to play with omnisphere and my kaossilator, not to mention all these lyric ideas lying around which are finally becoming real songs...maybe someday someone will find all the bits of me lying around and make me into a real girl... eye to eye keep digging through rock and earth and stone keep digging through ancestral bone til one day you breakthrough to crystalline cavern inside where we'll find flowers in diamonds shine colored stars in velvet sky tears fall down from laughing eyes ocean can't divide we are one only time can separate it's an illusion i'm a white tiger flying through the snow cool breeze under your noonday sun clap of thunder to your lightning coal in your engine burn through me oceans can't divide we are one only time can separate it's an illusion coming of spring changing sea won't stop coming keep exploding this love into me find me under your feet in the green grass growing sitting on your mountainside watching firefall from the sky maybe in a moment we'll see what the stars meant when they sang open wide we need skies through which to shine thru twinkling arms from eye to eye thru unfolding wormhole to infinity you never know when it may come again be sure to kiss its hand bathed in milk and honey    
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eye to eye
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