A Day at Guitar Center

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by: Tom Lattanand
uploaded: 02/12/2012
I was in guitar center last week and felt like recording the ambience on my phone. Thanks to my wife Anastasia for being the girl here. I never actually worked at guitar center, and I don't think Anastasia has ever walked in one either. just a quick song... when she asked me for adaptors i knew i had to have her would it be a disaster if i asked her for her number I'm working at guitar center for discounts on my gear if every customer was like her i would never leave here oh adaptors....yeah she said she needs adaptors did she mean i think you're cute when she walked in and looked at me what else was i do to i show her the wall and asked her what kind do you need i play guitar and i think you're hot wanna jam and smoke some weed? but i didn't say it i didn't have the balls it's a 15 percent off holiday sale that's what i told her that's all  
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A Day at Guitar Center
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