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by: Artemis Robison
uploaded: 02/26/2012
i was following an event last week which brought artists and scientists together to discuss creative responses to climate change. it really got me thinking and inspired, and this is what i came up with as one response of my own. most of the lyrics were lying around already...just waiting to be thrown into a soup and cooked up... i'm really enjoying piano lately :) (oh, if you're curious about the event, you can read/hear all about it at http://www.amplified10.com/tpnewcastle/ - some very thought provoking stuff) quickening in quickening evolution million things spring up million more fall away no time for yesterday download an upgrade to the DNA it takes courage to let go it's a long way down from atop a pillar to the world below watch it rearranging all we know in quickening evolution begin to dream another way will many minds work as one or in isolation burn from ashes to begin again caterpillar just a worm til she melt inside to become a winged thing for a moment rise to sing fleeting toward the light it takes courage to admit we need each other to thrive unclench a fist clasped round a heart fingers loosen unfurl a smile inside what will come what we choose day to day unfolding outside the daily news listen and learn throw away what doesn't serve another day to be true to be kind makes humankind rise up simple to remember easy to forget moving at speed of life poor shephards lost and snowblind inches from the cottage door love light a fire light a fire inside sweat inspiration from your pores passion from your eyes til you feel a pulse of light rise up inside realign in quickening evolution dig fingers into earth sync up heartbeats heal what's broken dry twig blossom  
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