Virtual Reality

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by: Peter Johnson
uploaded: 02/29/2012
The light blinks on the console V R V R One more mile till I pay the toll V R V R Something is out of control Your eyes are so remote Your voice sounds like a taunt All the time I am here with you I hold you the way you want Remember what has really happened I can't just write everything down What is the reasoning behind A random smile or frown What is live and what is memory Always changing Who can ever know with certainty When truth goes ranging Can't catch you every time Don't know where to begin Open up I am willing Only if you choose to let me in Fists pounding I am One side of a locked door Random lights are blinking Bringing peace or causing war The fabric of reality Keeps me trapped in here The melting of the fantasy Glasses shorting out I fear Red light on the console V R V R Another hour or two of patrol? V R V R Something is out of control  
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Virtual Reality
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