Olympics Morello

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by: Josh Wilburn
uploaded: 02/06/2014
Sit down people, And listen a while Seems Sean White wont be doing slope style Guess he figured itd be alright If he just did some halfpipe I wont say cause I dont know Guess Sean white dont like dangerous snow Ignorant snow this wintertide Polar vortex of hate on the mountain side (Forgotten) Down. Down in sochi town Where they dont want some people around Mr. Putin. I am disputin This bullshit resolution. If you think I dont like it, well youre darn tootin. Cause its bad, ya hear. Do you hear Vladimir? They are proud, these olymipans Theyll be marchin in They wont be limpin in I said it, I didnt stammer They got a sickle full of love and a rainbow hammer I wont be watchin for the reasons Im explaining Except for maybe luge cause thats crazy entertaining. But My sisters explained it, every medal is tainted My brothers explained it, every medal is tainted !?0A81> yall. <8@. (thank you, peace.)  
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Olympics Morello
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