The Hardest Step

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by: Nolan Love
uploaded: 02/05/2015
One morn the sun will rise On the day before tomorrow Wipe sleep from both your eyes Marvel at how well you slept Much then to your surprise You feel a peace where there was sorrow Thats when youll realize Your heart was healing while you wept Ill keep holding you Like you told me to Live with a sense of pride: Youve never begged youve never borrowed Never been one to hide Always placed a solid bet Some take this world in stride But you feel it to the marrow Your heart stays open wide Thats where innocence is kept Ill keep holding you Like you told me to Until that sun does rise While you feel the weight of sorrow While tears still fill your eyes While your body feels inept Know that Im by your side Here today and here tomorrow Ill look you in the eyes Help you take the hardest step    
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The Hardest Step
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