Red White & Blues

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by: Nolan Love
uploaded: 02/04/2016
I heard Mississippi wore a New Jersey Oh really? What did Delaware? Idaho, Alaska! Iowa man some money But I'm poor as can be Iowa hundred dollars But I just got Tennessee Louisiana good girl But I love her just the same She keeps me in Missouri But it sure is some sweet pain (you know what I Maine) I've got the red, white & blues And what a state I'm in It's like President Trump & VP Cruz It stinks of sin (and I should know) I get sloppy drunk and I Colorado desperation But she won't pick up the phone. Voicemail. I say "Why won't Utahlk to me? Hawaii? Hawaii? Wyomingle with that riff-raff I will never know..." She still won't pick up the phone. And when I wake up on the Florida mornin' I say it Texas strong man to be alone... I got the red, white & blues...  
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Red White & Blues
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