Take It Up

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by: Junie
uploaded: 02/07/2017
Mistakes were made the storm came fast You can't take it back that bomb has blast Run down that train and grab a rail Climb that ladder and hoist your sail Take it up Take it up Take it up Take it up It's not a battle that's meant to win It's a great big world and there is sin it's not you and me and us and them we're all in it with the congressmen have you called them lately? Take it up Take it up Take it up Take it up No need to call names or place the blame There's enough anger, there's enough pain Listen close and listen in and find your voice and do something every day do something If you want to take it up you've got to break it down keep moving keep groovin every day Keep moving keep grooving every day do something to take it up  
Tagses: junie, song a day 2017 (we can link these up later)

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Take It Up
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