Hiding Place

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by: seela
uploaded: 02/09/2017
RECORDED ON MY PHONE IN THE DINING ROOM IN BETWEEN LOADS OF LAUNDRY. (sorry....leaving town tomorrow) In the lantern light Oh, you looked so happy A blood rush blush On your friendly face I will hold that thought I will keep that memory In the hand sewn pocket Of my hiding place In the lantern light We gathered our children Round the oldest book In our woodland home And you read out loud You spoke proverbs to them you their earthly father With a godly poem In the lantern light You held me surely you said you come back when the fightings done So I filled my days Since you took your journey To defend our home From the coming storm Oh, keep that glass from getting dirty Oh, keep those fires burning at home In the lantern light I saw bloodied soldiers I saw broken men Cry like newborn babes From the battle field You kept all my letters Filled with plans and prayers And better days In the lantern light I have held my anger I have kept my curses In my chest As the oil fades And the war just over They will send you home that you may finally rest  
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Hiding Place
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