Nothing Made Sense After the Beatles Disbanded

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by: Gregg M. Pasterick
uploaded: 02/20/2017
I got my last flat top in 1965. 'Help' was on the radio; flying saucers were overhead. Puberty was lurking just around my corners, like a monster hiding under the bed. I had my first girlfriend in 1967. I was a child with a raging boner. 'Sgt. Pepper...' was on the record player. I practiced being a sperm donor. I grew up in the suburbs of Cincinnati, as far away from everything as you can be. Even the flying saucers never landed. Nothing made sense after the Beatles disbanded. Copyright 2017 Gregg M. Pasterick All Rights Reserved.  
Tagses: cosmic amercan,below-fi,puberty,cincinnati,1960s,the beatles (we can link these up later)

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Nothing Made Sense After the Beatles Disbanded
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