Mapping Out The Mysteries

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by: Paul Ivey
uploaded: 02/21/2017
grit those teeth that fist so tight never been a fighter but tonight might be that night sometimes it seems we only just get hurt licking at our wounds before returning to the dirt all the urges yearned all the cruel lessons learned there's a fire in my eyes now i'm watching bridges burn and yet maybe... someday yet... these sudden streaks of bright pastel light cut across a pane of gray city rages back to life now content, it seems, emerging from the rain distant joyful screams between the siren's ebb and fade all anger subsides as i swim the tide of light there's a fire in my eyes now as i watch this world shine and yet maybe... someday yet... and yet maybe... someday yet... the sun might finally gaze as i finally slay the beast the moon might salivate at the prospect of the feast the earth might shudder beneath these feet all my schemes might finally rend as i finally do begin dancing past the veil and mapping out the mysteries        
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Mapping Out The Mysteries
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