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by: seela
uploaded: 02/01/2019
I gotta quit but I dont wanna quit when Im driving or talking on the phone or drinking Im thinking I dont wanna do it but I really gotta quit I gotta stop, but I dont wanna drop the habit When I get mad I gotta have it calms me down And stops a fit But man, I gotta quit I dont want the chewing gum Or the vaporizer I dont want to pay to park, walk up a flight of stairs just to see the hypnotizer& I got to find something else for my mind Race the clock, read a book, or just walk around the block I know its time I really gotta quit Maybe just one pack more Maybe on my birthday Honey, can you stop off at the store I think Ive go the sweats and Im shaking to my core& Id like the ease to breathe and not feel guilty I want my car to smell clean, not filthy Oh, Lord, make it stick I really gotta quit. Recorded on my iPhone. Written in a day (no duh).  
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