Thank You

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by: seela
uploaded: 02/02/2019
Thank you. (for all the designated drivers) Thank you for not being a dick while I was being a dick You heard me out when you didnt have to I applaud your self control when I was out of control You smiled and let my mouth roll on and on and on .. I dont know how you do it Day after day Keeping calm right on through it While my drunk ass is blabbing away Thank you for not calling me out Though you should probably start calling me out Ive got good ideas but Ive got some bad ones, too You see that good and the bad Youre friendly and you dont react If I ever get a clue I wanna learn to be more like you Thank you for not being an ass While I was draining a glass You high-fived and paid off my tab And drove me straight home I dont know how you manage night after night I could cause so much damage But thanks to you were doing alright    
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Thank You
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