Paging Mr. Greenberg

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by: Ray Toler
uploaded: 02/16/2019
Paging Mr. Greenberg Your appearance is now overdue Paging Mr. Greenberg The audience is waiting for you You might think that the well's run dry But for all our sakes please give it another try (We miss you, Mr. Greenberg!) Paging Mr. Greenberg You know we respect your choice But without you, Mr. Greenberg, Jabba and Joe don't have a voice Is there news about the scratchy post? Your songs made us laugh the most! So everybody raise your glass and make a toast: We miss you, Mr. Greenberg. Where are you, Mr. Greenberg? Copyright © 2019 Ray E. Toler, Jr. All rights reserved. | Written and recorded in one day for the Song-A-Day Challenge    
Tagses: pop, rock (we can link these up later)

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Paging Mr. Greenberg
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