Cross to Bear

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by: James Groft
uploaded: 02/18/2019
A Cross to Bear A fate to fullfill A karma to act A wound to heal A sentence to serve A lesson to Learn a light to shine a page to turn I dont understand the violence Makes me want to sit in silence pray all day for world peace and prosperity dream of ways to help humanity Maybe it starts with singing this song Maybe it helps if you sing along Everyone could use some kindness We are all on a heroic quest the road can be a rocky trip sometimes you gotta catch your breath But always know we are sisters and brothers And we gotta figure it out together no matter what we will overcome when we unite as one You never know whats going on in somebody elses life least we can do is smile on and bless their night The story hasnt been written yet Its our job to create the set write the script and act out the parts and it needs to come from the heart  
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Cross to Bear
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