A Sad Jingle

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by: Ray Toler
uploaded: 02/18/2019
It's 11:45 there's nothing in your head You want to stop crying and get to bed There's just one thing standing in your way You signed up for Song-A-Day It's 11:57 no time to pout Though you want to pop a xanax and pass the hell out Or even better just run away But you signed up for Song-A-Day Its 11:59 and you've got a tingle 'Cause Junie said, "hey, let's write a jingle" You jump for joy and shout hooray! You've got your idea for Song-A-Day (Its really Junie's idea for Song-A-Day) (Doesn't matter its still my Song-A-Day) (This isn't really a jingle for Song-A-Day) (Shut up, inner monologue, it's my Song-A-Day) (Just record the damn thing for Song-A-Day) I've written my song for Song-A-Day! Song-A-Day: The cause of and relief for all your mental anguish. Copyright © 2019 Ray E. Toler, Jr. All rights reserved. | www.raytoler.com Written and recorded in one day for the Song-A-Day Challenge songaday.netscrap.com  
Tagses: pop, piano, bass, songaday (we can link these up later)

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A Sad Jingle
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