Basic Needs

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by: James Groft
uploaded: 02/19/2019
What will happen when the old farmers die? will anyone else grow our food supply Depending on the next generation of thumbs We'll find out if this civilization is done we all have basic needs, food, shelter water Someone to sing with and share tears and laughter What if someday theres a natural disaster come to my home, you are always welcome Gather round the Table Theres plenty of Sustenance Available Take a walk in the garden and harvest peace, my friend What will happen when the wells run dry Will heaven send our water supply Depending on the climate we've pushed to the brink Well find out if humanity goes extinct What wil happen if fire rained from the sky Will our houses be chicken fried Depending on your belief comes next If Thoughts are creations Then thats where you'll be sent  
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Basic Needs
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