Ode to Peter Tork

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by: Dave Panx
uploaded: 02/21/2019
Peter Tork youre a soul in time The white out just didnt hit you Thanks for looking out for us Making sure we had a grin Listening for something good Taking time to make us notice I connect with the disposition You never wanted to be star Star Trek and Spider man Get smart and Lost in space There was something special You all brought it straight A certain self-conscious look Everyone wanted their space It was youtube before its time A check on our celebrity race You were the daydream believer A secret nut in the shell An inspiration to all of the weirdos Another place on the stair An aspiration and a limited code The times never let you free It might have bought you some time In the end we all see In the last train to clarksville And in the Stepping stone royale We always wondered what you wanted It might have been something grand  
Tagses: song-a-day,various,improvisational,experimental (we can link these up later)

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Ode to Peter Tork
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