The Blender

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by: Dave Panx
uploaded: 02/25/2019
Hey there trying to make it all come clean What time you looking to make the scene Careful of your thoughts and inscriptions here Dont fool yourself its whatever you appear Pulling up in the parking your slot of fate Taking stock of the lessons you learned this way Secret lives and secret messages all come clear Digging deep just to find out nothings there Carry the weight for me Carry the weight for me Setting down in wrinkled clothes mapping paradise Nothing lives like memories when you roll the dice What gives you promise when you open your eyes Dont call it a comeback you decide the prize Second stage neurosis youre just coming of the age Fell just like diamonds, the blood you might have paid Ship on the horizon seas are here to tell you the cost Pails up, shovels bent, na reminder of who you crossed Mark time with little bombs, give up the stupid wrongs Move into the future and make the past a song Careful of the pattern which science taught you well Perfect corinthian leather and that new car smell  
Tagses: song-a-day,various,improvisational,experimental (we can link these up later)

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The Blender
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