Tense 1-note Drone (Drone Only--might want to skip--Edit)

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by: Jeff Kellem
uploaded: 02/25/2021
The single note, 84+ second drone from "Tense 1-note Drone" (14 Feb 2021). With a little iZotope Ozone 9 at the end. The drone sound is from Rhizomatic Plasmonic. On the original, there were only two other tracks: manipulation of the drone produced most of the extra notes and rhythms with a little added percussion on the third track of that piece. Ray's Jigsawz (BrokenBlade Mix) on 24 Feb 2021 made me decide to show one of the pieces I tried by using something simple and manipulating the rest. I'm still 5 days behind, though. ;-) For Song-A-Day 2021. http://songaday.netscrap.com/ Copyright 2021 Jeff Kellem. All rights reserved.      
Tagses: electronic (we can link these up later)

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Tense 1-note Drone (Drone Only--might want to skip--Edit)
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