B after T

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by: Amit Lissack
uploaded: 02/26/2021
In these politically divisive times in the United States. It can be helpful to look back at history to gain perspective. Let’s recall that In the year 1827 President Miller introduced one of the most controversial bills in US history. It was legislation to change the alphabets order, to move B after T. His rationale was that it would be a great boost for the economy. Since Miller’s democratic party controlled congress by the slimmest of majorities, 1 senator, Miller couldn’t afford to be overly confident. Most democratic senators followed the president’s lead. Especially those funded by the textbook industry who saw financial benefits of reprinting books. The most impassioned opposition came from republican senator Henderson. Although cynics claimed that being the grandson of the composer of the ABC song, he was concerned with losing royalties. The president’s plan was ruined when his true motivation was discovered. Mr Miller’s son Benjamin was a poor student: a lazy boy who was often late to school. His teacher took roll call in alphabetical order based on first name. Moving B closer to the end of the alphabet could help Benjamin get to school on time. The single dissenting democratic vote came from Senator Jamison, who was cheered on by his young son Teddy.  
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B after T
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