Rushed Landing (Wobbly Loud)

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by: Jeff Kellem
uploaded: 02/28/2021
Recorded in moments before chat. Loud and wobbly piano improv. Quick, rushed recording. Added quick PianoVerb 2 with minimal adjustment. And a tiny bit of EQ in Ozone 9 but didn't really listen through, so I could join the chat. Now that the chat is over, to listen to what I actually played. Fandrich & Sons 130V piano in need of tuning. Just haven't made the time to clear out space and time to tune. Recorded in about the time it took to play the improv for Song-A-Day 2021. Copyright 2021 Jeff Kellem. All rights reserved.  
Tagses: piano, instrumental, fandrich (we can link these up later)

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Rushed Landing (Wobbly Loud)
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