Our Morning Glory

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by: Chris Greacen
uploaded: 02/28/2021
Our Morning Glory This is one that double plus alright played for a while, but it never had lyrics. I played it for someone and they thought it sounded like some East German youth group's song about the optimistic future... anyway, so I grabbed a bunch of translations of East German youth group songs about the optimistic future... Our time needs hearts, hands our peace in need of victory Our trust is in our friendship as we build it, our morning glory We want to build our tomorrow honestly Our trust is in our friendship as we grow it, our morning glory Youth, wake! Arise now and take responsibility If freedom’s what we’re after then we’ll break from Our morning glory We’ve learned to fight for the heart of our own country Our future’s what we make it One nation, our morning glory Forward for our own for all the time "Written" recorded in minutes for that 2021 Song-A-Day thing http://songaday.netscrap.com Copyright © 2021 Chris Greacen, John Diaz, All rights reserved.  
Tagses: omc, band, east germany, (we can link these up later)

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Our Morning Glory
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