Paradox Rock

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by: Jonny Mac
uploaded: 02/02/2023
If not clearly magical, it’s completely unclear Like-minded disruptors all disagree At the bottom of the totem pole you get the short shrift New day around the corner coming for the late shift Paradox rock In the zig zag heat Paradox rock For the crazy beat (weirdo beat) I’ve never been so aware of solar flares It’s happening everywhere The Paradox rock Both sides of the street mixed signals compete Rocking to the rhythms of paradox Might not seem right but the sound is tight Started a new noise band called Static on the Line What’s a poor hipster to do? Someday we’ll have a bash with crypto cash But for now I’m gonna mic a metal mustache Marching band groovin through a locked step Playing oompah music with a military vibe Tuba player don’t care he’s letting it sing Finally got a chance to play the damn thing Played an afternoon gig and then I went to work Worked all night and then I couldn’t sleep The Grateful Dead were on a long, strange trip I think I might be on a Möbius strip  
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Paradox Rock
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