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by: Richard Awdry
uploaded: 02/03/2023
Oh god. so every year this is how it must be and the first song reminds me I don't have time to do all the goddamn layers like normal! Drumming by panic and lyrics somewhat stream of consciousness, still, finally got here. Favourite bit is the noise though. Some things stay constant! Maybe I'll put the lyrics up in a day or two...   Lyrics: An invasion of the bright blue sky By charcoal idols six miles high A monument to those unseen Hides quite neatly in the seams Fourteen million round and round Forsaking senses and fertile ground Hard like rock but under so much strain The waves will be here someday A horde of noone charges through Reclusive lives suck in their breath Exhale you out again and again Only to cause outrage again as it breaks down Following the mountains song It’s an A.I. forcing a final con Avenues of broken trees Hacked up and packed up, metropolis wants to sing A chorus sings of exalted wings To show you where the dead dropped in Anthems slaving to the grid that pulses away in every vein A stain you can no longer remove Sweeping across horizons laying vertically Before the dying sunlight leaves it’s final glance A vision lost in mosaics of glass  
Tagses: rock, stoner, prog (!) (we can link these up later)

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