Spy Balloon Is On the Move

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by: Jonathan Aronson
uploaded: 02/04/2023

  Senator Jon Tester was informed On a cold ranch-side Friday afternoon By the DOD and representative Zinke That there was a Chinese balloon The size of 2 or 3 school busses It was flying above Montana at 60 thousand feet It 's not clear why school busses are a unit of measurement for suspicious balloons but it is thought that perhaps most American adults, on this, can agree on the approximate size of a school bus - except the fringe "short bus" minority - but those folks are likely not consuming mainstream news at this time... They measure Chinese balloons in pizza basements Jon want's a hearing Ryan wants it shot down Luke wants retribution Laura wants a wedding gown Crockett wants a houseboat Tubbs wants it to drown Tenspeed wants a deal Brownshoe wants expenses down Cagney wants some action Lacey wants some Cagney Tuner wants some hooch Hooch wants some Alpo Jon want's a hearing and Ryan wants it shot down what's wrong with these people what's wrong with these odd couples? Odd couples yes they are dancing on the marble floor of the rotunda (odd couples) One has a pickup truck and one a Cadillac car (odd couples) Driving on the dirt roads of rural Montana (odd couples) One is a leftist with a gun rack in a pickup truck (odd couples) The other a red hat with a Cadillac with a couple of nut jobs in the back These dude can't agree on what to do While the spy balloon is on the move!        
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Spy Balloon Is On the Move
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