palomino blues

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by: Jonathan Aronson
uploaded: 02/05/2023

  Riding on the range in Riding on the range on my palomino Riding on the range Leather seats Leather seats on my palomino getting wet with my drug dealer The clouds are out Filling up the sky Today's the day someone else will die Riding on the range Riding on the range Eating cracker jacks In the gift box that I got from the office I'm really trippin' balls the cracker jacks are gone I'm thinking 'bout my palomino With leather seats I call it a saddle I ate too many edibles I had a vodka and tonic with my drug dealer I can't tell if this is medicinal Riding on my leather seat palomino sitting on a saddle saddle saddle saddle I've got saddlebags under my eyes  I've got saddlebags under my eyes  
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palomino blues
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