Watchers on Manoeuvres (through the Long Earths)

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by: Richard Awdry
uploaded: 02/05/2023
standard tuning. Took the Spy balloon thing, ran with it, kicked it off into sci-fi realms...   [note - I was a day late on spy day. However I like Taran’s notion of the narrative so let’s stick with that… ] Lyrics: Something drifts inside the rain Imperfect cloak but still off plane Watching through alternate realms But knows who see they won’t believe Are they clouds that shimmer so? You can’t be sure, a shapeless flow Do not trust that cloud Is it tracking you or chasing the wind? They come in silence From adjacent Earths Watching everything They don’t know what to seek Across the worlds,, hop one by one A legislator stares into Nothingness and everythingness Chasing rainbows, myths and oracles Then the mirage disappears again They drift in silent ships Sinking through the clouds, real and imaginary Seeking blindly through the infinite  
Tagses: space rock (we can link these up later)

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Watchers on Manoeuvres (through the Long Earths)
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