Heaven Can Be Found On Earth

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by: Taran Gray
uploaded: 02/08/2023
VERSE 1 It was Wednesday afternoon, There should be nothing that special about it, The breeze was soft the sky was blue, And everyone was just going about it, VERSE 2 But when I saw her at the door, In that moment it was over from there, A normal afternoon before, Felt like an evening at a county fair, PRE CHORUS It was new day, Felt like the sun was shining just for me, I found a new babe, She took my hand and said follow me, CHORUS Jumping through life with you baby, Running to find the next memory, Didn’t know heaven could be found on earth, Making a scene without warning, Drive through the night until the morning, Didn’t know heaven could be found on Now I know heaven can be found on earth, PRE CHORUS CHORUS  
Tagses: tarangray, 90's, synthwave (we can link these up later)

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Heaven Can Be Found On Earth
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