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by: Jonathan Alright
uploaded: 02/08/2023
Everything you build turns to dust in the end Play it for real even if just for pretend Don't waste your time counting beans on a hill Open your window and sit out on the sill Any castle you can build will live for but a day All the money that you hoard will one day blow away Don't you want to find a better way to live your life Let go of all the anger and the bitter bitter strife Raise your sail to skip across an ocean made of love Rise and fall with the light like fingers in a glove There are many paths you can take all leading to the end Times is but and empty threat and death a long lost friend I have come to show you how to walk the way The fisherman has come to cast his net into the bay Open up your mouth and let the hood get in When your done and all reeled up you'll begin again  
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