So We Praise (feat. Matty Moose)

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by: Taran Gray
uploaded: 02/10/2023
VERSE 1 All lost in our ways, All of our nights in a daze, Drank your whiskey, Drank your wine, And search for some divine, And so that some may say That we can not find our own way, PRE CHORUS Oh it is older than our mothers, It’s tougher than your brothers, And it helps us find our way, So we hold our hands the tighter, For a future that is brighter than the way that we were raised, CHORUS So we pray, so we praise PRE CHORUS CHORUS  
Tagses: tarangray, mattymoose, irish drinking song, folk song (we can link these up later)

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So We Praise (feat. Matty Moose)
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