the world has changed blues

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by: Jonathan Aronson
uploaded: 02/11/2023

It's a social engineering experiment so I signed up for this group on Facebook Where everybody laughs at people who fall down and make mistakes and screw up And within two hours I honestly feel like the entire world is screwed up Because of everybody's falling down on their face Making mistakes And we're commenting and piling on and we're laughing And we think it's funny that somebody slipped on the floor And then I start to reflect on myself and I feel terrible Because I'm laughing at just a person being a person What a fucked up world we live in Social Media... media? Facebook? What is this shit? Turn off the internet It's killing us! It's so easy to get caught up All you've got to to is sign up All you've got to to is sign up It's so easy to get caught up It's so easy to get caught up
We used to live in a world where we met face to face It would be 8:15 in the morning and people would look around and go "hey..uh..where's Steve? He's late. Has anyone heard from Steve?" Nah, he didn't call me before he left for work today, he's probably just caught in traffic There was no where to go to look up Steve You couldn't call Steve You couldn't text Steve No one was gonna drive to Steve's house to find out that Steve was gone Steve's late... Why is Steve late? Because people are late Why are people late? because there are cars all over the highway sometimes there's a wreck sometimes it's raining and things slow down Maybe Steve got a flat Maybe Steve quit Maybe Steve's dead oh... oh.. Steve's walking in "Good morning Steve" "Hey everybody" That's how things used to be, talking 25...30 years ago You would call someone's house "Can I speak to Steve?" "Steve's not home... uh.. can I take a message?" "Yeah, tell him Jon called" "Alright, I'll let him know" And about two days later On Monday Steve would show up to work Late And you'd be like "Hey Steve, did you get my call?" "No, no" "Oh... anyway was hoping we could get together... thought maybe we could uh watch the game on TV It's so easy to get caught up The world has changed I'm gonna throw up        
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the world has changed blues
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