One By One

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by: Taran Gray
uploaded: 02/11/2023
One by one, Theyre leaving, They’re moving somewhere new, One by one, With good intentions, Say it’ll help them through, Didn’t you move to the city of dreams, To make your wish come true, Does this city still hold it’s dreams, Each time one more Iose, One by one, They tell me quickly, They say it with regret, One by one, I try to warn them, Ask if they’ll still fight for it, I know they came here to be one step closer, To the valley of success, Then back to their mountains, Back to their rivers, Retreat when they don’t find it, One by one, Where getting closer, Some could almost taste, One more minute, Around the corner, All your dreams are made, Left to early, The dream has ended, You think you’ll still follow it somewhere new, But if you left here because it faded, There’s no chance it is coming to you, One by one,  
Tagses: tarangray, acoustic (we can link these up later)

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One By One
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