Country Punks

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by: Jonny Mac
uploaded: 02/17/2023
Living in the country there isn’t that much to do When you’re an outsider to a small crowd People doing double takes – who, what, who?! That’s my band playing so loud Country Punks A little bit hippie - trippy An out and out outdoorsy style Country Punks Went to the city got lost for a while Jenny sold her diamond for a fender mustang But Mike sold the van for drugs Down in Union Square it wasn’t much a hang Fighting with the skateboard thugs Back on the farm in a mayfly swarm And a yard full of rusty junk My main man Stan holding in his hand A string of buds, wont off a chunk Traded him some hillbilly bump, we shot cans off a stump Let me tell you it was quite a day Took off to roam but I missed my home I was going down a lost highway I heard they started drinking moonshine at high noon And they got kicked out of the mall Then Jethro got tased at the Country Club Trying to steal off with someone’s golf ball Meanwhile back at the Sell Your Daughter dance I opened up for an old steam plow Everyone was so confused but I was used to it The main event auctioned off a cow I love the lights and the energy The city is like a rhythm in my head We’re going to play some big time opportunity We’ve been jamming for days in the shed Jenny is teaching herself how to spit fire Mike is in the kitchen spinning yarns Jethro’s old mastiff took ill He shot the poor bitch behind the barn  
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Country Punks
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