Swarm (Arrival of the Flying Octopusses)

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by: Richard Awdry
uploaded: 02/23/2023
Oh yeah the guitars are in C F Bb Eb G C (or if you like standard tuning 2 tones down. Like QOTSA) Welcome to the news today Nobody here so I'm going to say There's some weird stuff going on out there I don't know if anyone will hear this There's a swarm of things approaching from up above Giant bags 50 metres wide Got giant tentacles coming out all sides You know, this could be it This could be the judgement This could be judgement day Are they coming for us? What do you want? Can we help you out? We ain't got time, we ain't got hope Giant octopusses coming from above Are they awake? Are they alive? Or are they just watching us from the sky? Maybe they come to watch us flail Around like ships with corrupted sails Maybe they come to put us straight Nah, forget it, they're bringing fate, yeah! All hail, flying octopus All hail, mighty flying octopus!    
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Swarm (Arrival of the Flying Octopusses)
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