The Don't Eat Batteries Song

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by: Richard Awdry
uploaded: 02/23/2023
Guitar in drop D No batteries or phones (or Richard’s, probably) were harmed making this song.     It's now too late and it's past time for bed This took too long and I'm feeling brain-dead I need a power source to keep me awake I wonder if batteries can help me this way I've got some charging, I think that they will Give me electric I want the spark thrill That didn't work. I'm not happy at all Maybe it was the wrong type after all Lithium ion is next on my list I hope it's not thermal runaway kiss First I have got to get into my phone Then I can plug in and get in the zone Do not eat batteries it's a terrible idea My teeth are all tingly and vision unclear...  
Tagses: punk, advice (we can link these up later)

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The Don't Eat Batteries Song
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