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by: Esme D
uploaded: 02/25/2023
you may call it candy but I call them sweets and I need them all inside me they are not just for treats I got refreshers and wham bars double dips and black jacks they stick inside my teeth but I don't give a damn gooey and chewy I will eat them all I got curly wurlys and sherbert wines gums and jellies too I love them all so much and so does my belly my teeth are all so angry but what do I care these sweets are so delicious whats one more cavity to despair I got fruit salad and dib dabs love hearts and drumsticks I look so rotund but I just love the taste I just love these sweeties there isn't anything better just get them inside me real quick  
Tagses: sweets, seven deadly sins, gluttony (we can link these up later)

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