do your research man

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by: Jonathan Aronson
uploaded: 02/27/2023
Talkin to your drunk Cousin John: I'm a cosmonaut, I'm an astronaut I'm a taikonaut I'm a supersonic freak-a-John-ick I'm a supersonic freak-a-John-ick I got a suitcase it's made of hard casing kinda like a Samsonite the one the gorilla had jumped on and couldn't break I'm a cosmonaut, I'm a taikonaut, I'm an astronaut I'm not gonna pay that bill you over charged me that's right I'm rebelling I'm not gonna pay those taxes I'm not gonna pay those prices I'm not gonna pay those bills I'm not gonna come home or go to work or do anything you want me to do Cause I'm the Super-spastic fantastic John-a-matic Yeah My IQ is high My IQ is low My depth and breadth of knowledge is... Not necessary to participate in this particular form of political discourse I belong to the left I belong to the right I belong in the middle I belong up late at night it's gonna rain, It's gonna snow it doesn't matter which way you go I'm not gonna pay those bills I'm not gonna pay those taxes I dont believe the election was fair I believe the election was stolen I don't know that anything will be better where we all go to church on Sunday and the preacher tells us which way to go translating an old book that tells 'em which way we're going and who are enemies are that's right... READING THE SAME BOOK OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND EXPECTING A DIFFERENT RESULT IS INSANITY! but that's the direction we're going Because I'm super Spaz-motic anti-Jana-motic! I'm a Jumbotron, I'm a sweet potato, I'm a mandolin I'm a dress coat that's 2 sizes too big I'm like David Byrne of the talking Heads I may find myself with a brand new house with a brand new wife in a brand new car I may find myself That's right, yeah I got shoulder pads in my jacket Cause I'm spasmatic - Super-John-tastic! with stained glass on my wall That's right - Representing all four seasons Winter Spring Summer and Fall That's right I don't believe any of this shit Do your research man Do your research            
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do your research man
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